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Whilst in Sydney in 1994, a man apparently tries to assassinate Prince Charles. And not a single fuck was given by His Royal Highness.


I’m dead at his face in the last one like “Did you even try?”

And then when he gets pushed he’s like “Wait no let him try!”

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So I’m going through frames looking for good pictures of Mary smiling and suddenly…


Oh dear me!!! It says it all. 

'you look like you hate her when she can't see you'

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when you and your friend see someone you hate

Milford Sound in New Zealand

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Ava Lord is the archetype of the femme fatale: a siren, a perfect seductress who can transform herself into men’s deepest desires. She adapts. For her husband, she’s like a princess. For Dwight, she’s a lover. For Manute, she’s a goddess. She’s like the perfect thespian and she’s like an animal. She’s not intellectual. It’s all with her guts. She starts with her body. She adjusts to how men react. She’s quite dangerous!

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David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly relaxing between takes on the set of Labyrinth.


David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly relaxing between takes on the set of Labyrinth.

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Van Gogh: Painted with Words

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Who has been your biggest mentor on the show?
Nat Dormer. I can ask her the most stupid embarrassing questions. I’ll be like “so what does it feel like to be in love?” and she will tell me and give advice. She’s probably my biggest mentor just in general life.

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Now accepting sugar daddy applications

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The Hour you can’t afford to miss.

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"I need mysterious face. Can you show mysterious? I need more mysterious."

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